Client :  Vulture Conservation & Breeding Centre (VCBC), Pinjore
One scientist was engaged by Haryana Forest and Wild Life Department to setup a Vulture Conservation and Breeding Centre (VCBC), at Pinjore in Haryana for the preservation of vultures and creating awareness amongst various stake holders regarding the damaging impact that a veterenary drug given to cattles, was having on the population of vultures.

Core Strategy

In order to showcase the activities and achievements of the Centre, and unify its entire communication, a strong visual identity was created for VCBC, with campaign literature including posters, leaflets, and newsletters. ent


This also attracted media attention and regular media briefing with the Centre head resulted in extensive media coverage while Doordarshan produced an exclusive documentary on dwindling vulture population.
The Centre at Pinjore became a centre of excellence and the team was invited to setup four other similar centres in different states.